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EverWash is the only professionally managed membership solution in the industry. Our team of technology, sales, marketing and support experts help make membership easy for car wash operators. Learn more about how EverWash can promote your business, drive your profits, and become your most valuable partner.

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More Profits. More Loyalty. More Reliable Cash Flow.


EverWash provides the fastest way to increase your profits by side-stepping expensive RFID hardware or pesky software systems. It costs $0 to begin building a recurring, sustainable revenue stream with EverWash. Our pay-for- performance model means EverWash earns commission based solely on the additional revenue stream generated from your members.


The founders of EverWash have revolutionized membership in other industries, such as fitness, and now are doing the same with car washes. EverWash provides the resources and know- how to sell memberships and quickly grow your revenue while taking the pain and effort of managing the members off your hands. No one else invests the resources, time, and money in your business that EverWash does.


EverWash goes above and beyond by driving new members through retail, affinity, fleet programs, exclusive partnerships, and more. Our marketing experts help you execute digital, traditional, and on-site marketing campaigns, build and host your website, develop your social media presence, design signs and so much more.

Why Have Customers When You Can Have Members?

The EverWash mobile app is free to download and offers consumers a simple and modern way to find a wash, learn about wash plans, buy a membership, manage their subscription and refer friends... all from the convenience of their phone. Check out our explainer video to learn more.

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