How to Increase Revenue by $500,000

A Monthly Membership Case Study

Why Everwash?

EverWash Car Club was founded on the simple but powerful notion that Recurring-Revenue Producing Members, not pay-as-you-go Customers, hold the key to increased profits & lasting customer satisfaction. AND, in order to successfully generate hundreds of thousands of dollars in additional annual revenue, it’s fundamentally essential to use a properly implemented and expertly managed Monthly-Recurring-Revenue Sales, Marketing and Management Platform. And no one does it like EverWash Car Club.

Let’s take a look at what EverWash has done for veteran operators...

Meet Jerry and The Clean Machine Car Wash. After 20+ years of owning and operating his 3rd generation car wash business, Jerry became unsatisfied with the wash’s impossibly slow revenue growth. So instead of dumping more money into the same outdated, pay-per-service business model, Jerry turned all his efforts towards figuring out how to best leverage the more powerful and much more lucrative membership based business model.

Fast-forward two painstaking and research-filled years later including the creation of EverWash Car Club, and the results speak for themselves...

Our App Makes It Easy

EverWash Car Club’s revolutionary mobile app provides leading carwash operators with the easiest and most profitable monthly-recurring-revenue Club program in the business. Guaranteed to substantially increase customer base, wash volume and profits, EverWash is a single platform, membership sales and marketing company designed specifically to improve customer-to-member conversion rates, maximize customer lifetime value and manage all Unlimited Club membership needs within the carwash industry.


Increase Annual Wash Revenues

Clean Machine literally doubled their revenue by tapping into the recurring revenue stream that monthly memberships provide. More members means more recurring revenue, more referrals, and as you can see from the growth of Clean Machine, more members means more money!

Increase in price per wash

The increase in revenue did not come as a surprise to EverWash. It’s the same model that some of the most successful companies in the world have shifted to, including On Demand video rentals such as Netflix, streaming music services like Pandora, digital gaming platforms like Xbox, subscription boxes like Dollar Shave Club, and by the way, the entire gym industry!

Increase in wash volume

More volume meant more up-sells, details, store purchases and more tips for his employees. It also meant better economies of scale in the form of greater utilization of his labor.

Don’t be left out of the EverWash revolution. Make more money now. Get your recurring revenues rolling with:

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Who is Everwash?

EverWash Car Club was founded by a group of industry-leading visionaries consisting of third generation car wash operators, subscription management & membership-enrollment pioneers, renowned iOS and Android app developers, and award-winning outreach sales & marketing specialists.

Seizing the opportunity to revolutionize the way car washes and their customers do business, the EverWash team brings game-changing mobile technologies, Monthly Recurring Revenue innovation and proven consumer outreach initiatives to the car wash industry.

Simply put, EverWash Car Club helps leading carwash operators:

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